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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdresserdress‧er /ˈdresə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 British EnglishDHF a large piece of furniture with open shelves for storing plates, dishes etc syn Welsh dresser2 American EnglishDHF a piece of furniture with drawers for storing clothes, sometimes with a mirror on top syn chest of drawers British English3 a fashionable/stylish/sloppy etc dresser4 APTsomeone who takes care of someone’s clothes, especially an actor’s in the theatre, and helps them to dress
Examples from the Corpus
dresserWhen the giant dresser disappeared for ever I felt better still.When he reached into his dresser drawer that morning, Jeffrey Pyle says, all he wanted was a clean shirt.He got me to sit on the edge of my oak dresser, and then he walked into me.Politicians were transformed into much more stylish, progressive dressers.We could put the bed over there, Dooley could help, and the dresser here.She opened the dresser drawer to put away the knives and spoons.Enterprising window dressers dressed up in ski outfits to set up a display of sportswear in this store.