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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfootrestfoot‧rest /ˈfʊt-rest/ noun [countable]  DHFsomething that supports your feet when you are sitting, for example a small piece of furniture or the part of a motorcycle where you put your feet
Examples from the Corpus
footrestThe seats reclined and had footrests, tray tables and reading lights.The one comfortable item was the black leather armchair with its footrest.Across the room, facing the front windows, was a large railway stove with a metal footrest in front of it.By forcing down on the upper, outside footrest the rider obtains exceptional feel for rear tyre grip.And a pair of slightly raised footrests were positioned for comfortably squatting over the low toilet bowl.Under the regulations, employers are required to supply footrests.I sit beside Crilly on the footrest.Her skinny legs and swollen ankles, covered with white stockings, rest unnaturally on the footrests of her chair.