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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrandfather clockˈgrandfather ˌclock noun [countable]  DHFan old-fashioned tall clock which stands on the floor
Examples from the Corpus
grandfather clockThe room was silent, apart from the hollow and remorseless tick of a grandfather clock in the corner.Clock stolen: A grandfather clock worth £1,000 was stolen from a house at Kepwick, near Thirsk.No one in the hall except the grandfather clock I'd seen floating in my dream; no one came out of the sitting room.She'd heard the grandfather clock down in the hall chime every quarter-hour until three o'clock.As he moved the beam, the shadow of the grandfather clock in the hall twisted and grew across the ceiling.The muffled tick of the grandfather clock echoed in one corner.The grandfather clock in an oak case is one of seven clocks and two barometers in the house.The solemnly ticking grandfather clock by the door said two minutes to the half hour when Charles heard the Bishop approaching.