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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrategrate1 /ɡreɪt/ noun [countable]  DHFthe metal bars and frame that hold the wood, coal etc in a fireplace
Examples from the Corpus
grateShe took the two halves of the letter away, tore them in fragments, and burned them in her grate.The windows were covered with iron grates.Through the slate-floored living-room, with its exposed beams, open grate and massive heart-of-oak mantelpiece, was the kitchen.The homeless slept on subway grates to keep warm.A thousand people, mostly men, gathered around the grate one day last spring to witness a double execution.The scrubbing was the nastiest, she thought despairingly, bad though blacking the grates, particularly the kitchen range, was.Even with the furnace on, he had the servants put coal in the grates of most of the rooms.Fires smouldered in the grates of sitting-rooms, but the passages and bedrooms at Kinton were apt to be piercingly cold.Those in front clambered up on to the grates that covered the entrance.