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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhorsehairhorse‧hair /ˈhɔːsheə $ ˈhɔːrsher/ noun [uncountable]  DHFthe hair from a horse’s mane and tail, sometimes used, especially in the past, to fill the inside of furniture
Examples from the Corpus
horsehairThe more important members of the staff had wooden beds and horsehair mattresses.Rory fell on to his side; the shotgun roared and the rear of the couch blew open in a dusty horsehair explosion.Geoffrey sat on the rather hard horsehair settee.The room was filled with tables, knick-knacks, chairs, and a large horsehair three-piece suite.She sat on a chaiselongue, elegant lines and the comfortless gentility of horsehair beneath an antique sateen.She had to sit in the waiting-room, on a slippery horsehair sofa, while it was going on.On a thin horsehair mattress rested one sheet, one pillow and one blanket.Fillings used include natural fibres such as cashmere, lamb's wool, horsehair and felt and synthetic materials like polyester.