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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpaddedpad‧ded /ˈpædɪd/ adjective  DHFDCCfilled or covered with a soft material to make it thicker or more comfortable The shoes are padded to protect the foot. a padded headrest
Examples from the Corpus
paddedThe same cubes, padded and covered are fine for occasional seating.Deep padded ankle collar and full bellows tongue.chairs with padded backs and armsHe picked up the padded brassière.There was a chaiselongue upholstered in velvet, a plump dressing-table stool to match it, a bureau with a padded chair.The padded fabric varieties are well and truly childproof - and look very attractive.Further cushioning is provided by the padded insole and tongue.I walked over to the edge of the drop and leant on a padded rail.Waist belt is attached to the pack by padded wings.