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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpedestalped‧es‧tal /ˈpedəstəl/ noun [countable]  1 AAAVSthe base on which a pillar or statue stands a Grecian bust on a pedestal2 DHFDHHa solid vertical post that supports something such as a table the pedestal of the dentist’s chairpedestal basin British English (=a bowl to wash your hands in, supported by a pedestal)3 put/place somebody on a pedestal
Examples from the Corpus
pedestalHe wanted Asquith on a pedestal and Lloyd George in an isolation hospital.If it is going to be special, put it on a pedestal of sorts.Some examples still had a moulded foot pedestal, while others had four short, cast and chased legs.And Murph will come down from that good-guy pedestal a little.The reverse process was used to install the launcher on pedestals at the pad.Goddesses are made from female stones and the pedestal from male stones.