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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsetteeset‧tee /seˈtiː/ noun [countable] especially British English  sofa.jpg DHFa long comfortable seat with a back and usually with arms, for more than one person to sit on syn sofa
Examples from the Corpus
setteeHe is perched uncomfortably on a settee with a photo album on his knee.All those red velvet curtains and golden tassels, and settees with little golden legs.Choose either a suite with double bed or large suite with double bed plus double bed settee for one or two children.Roman caught her before she could fall and carried her to the small settee.He went behind the settee and pretended to go to sleep.Sorrel, asleep on the settee, suddenly became alert and looked expectantly in the direction of the kitchen.Cliff swung me round with all his strength and flung me down on the settee.He turned the fire off and sat down on the settee, looking at the woman all the while.