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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsideboardside‧board /ˈsaɪdbɔːd $ -bɔːrd/ noun  1 [countable]DHF a long low piece of furniture usually in a dining room, used for storing plates, glasses etc2 sideboards
Examples from the Corpus
sideboardHe lines it up on the shiny sideboard.The sunlight struck the silver-plated candlesticks on the sideboard and sent stilettos of light flashing through the room.Even dessert was dispensable, although a choice of liqueurs was on the sideboard.She gave a quick glance in the mirror over the sideboard.Sweating and breathing hard, he leaned against the wall in the space the sideboard left.He drifts to the sideboard and looks for something else.He immediately went to the sideboard and poured two glasses of brandy.