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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwardrobewar‧drobe /ˈwɔːdrəʊb $ ˈwɔːrdroʊb/ ●●● S3 noun  1 wardrobe.jpg [countable] British EnglishDHF a piece of furniture like a large cupboard that you hang clothes incloset Can you hang these in the wardrobe, please?fitted/built-in wardrobes (=wardrobes built against a wall or fitted between two walls)2 [countable]DCC the clothes that someone has You can win a complete new wardrobe.winter/summer etc wardrobe (=the clothes you have for a particular time of year)see thesaurus at clothes3 [singular] (also wardrobe department)APTAMT a department in a theatre, television company etc that deals with the clothes worn by actors
Examples from the Corpus
wardrobeWe have everything you need to update your business wardrobe.Fitted wardrobes are ideal for covering a wall which has a central chimneybreast.His wardrobe consists almost entirely of black T-shirts and pants.Judy works in wardrobe.Belushi, with goatee and discount-mall wardrobe, is a standard-issue angry cop.Enter our simple fashion quiz and win a whole new wardrobe.Name the ethnicity, tax bracket or wardrobe, and they were there in full force.The green, flower-painted wardrobe opened squeakily.Scores are routinely adjusted for personality, wardrobe and, above all, reputation.By adding a few bright buttons or belts to your old clothes you can have a new summer wardrobe.She'd had Guy Saint Simon design the entire tour wardrobe.The floorboards were still bare and the bed was the only furniture in the room except a large dark wood wardrobe.For example, find a partner roughly your same size and you can also double your wardrobe.fitted/built-in wardrobesA fitted kitchen and fitted wardrobes add that touch of luxury.Bedroom improvements Many potential purchasers expect to find fitted wardrobes in bedrooms these days.They had built-in wardrobes in all bedrooms and a whole-house mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery.How does condensation develop in fitted wardrobes?There are two choices when it comes to building your own fitted wardrobes.Features can include car parking, lift, balcony, fitted kitchen, audio entry phone, fitted wardrobes and double glazing.Sloping solution: That awkward sloping ceiling normally presents a problem, but there is a solution in these Sliderobes fitted wardrobes.Voices were murmuring in the fitted wardrobes at the foot of his double bed.winter/summer etc wardrobePrima Solution Q Even though most of my existing winter wardrobe was newly bought last year, it looks old.This week I've been concentrating on the serious matter of the winter wardrobe.