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backback4 ●●● S2 W3 adjective [only before noun]  1 BACK OF somethingat or in the back of something opp front You’ll be sleeping in the back bedroom. Turn to the back page. I keep my keys in my back pocket. There was the sound of giggling from the back row. The rabbit had one of its back legs caught in a trap. back door2 BEHINDbehind something, especially a building opp front the back garden We left by the back gate.3 BACK OF somethingfrom the back The back view of the hotel was even less appealing than the front.4 back street/lane/road etc5 back rent/taxes/pay etc6 back issue/copy/number7 SL technical a back vowel sound is made by lifting your tongue at the back of your mouth
Examples from the Corpus
backIt allows the vehicle to manoeuvre without tearing itself apart on the back axle.Capshaw sent him out the back door to avoid whoever it was keeping guard in the front.The burglars broke into the house through the back door.Yet it will soak up heavy bumps that would otherwise bounce the back end off the ground.They waited by the back entrance.The car was later found parked on a back parking lot of the complex.You can put your suitcase on the back seat of the car.The kids should sit in the back seat.a back viewthe back wall of the factoryI took the back way out of town.