3 verb
back3 S2 W3


[transitive usually passive]
a) to support someone or something, especially by giving them money or using your influence:
The scheme has been backed by several major companies in the region.
Some suspected that the rebellion was backed and financed by the US.
government-backed loans
b) also back up to support an idea by providing facts, proof etc:
His claims are not backed by any scientific evidence.

move backwards

[intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to move backwards, or make someone or something move backwards
back into/out of/away from etc
She backed into a doorway to let the crowds pass by.
back somebody into/towards/out of etc something
He began to back her towards the open door.
back something into/towards/out of etc something
I backed the car into the garage.

put something on the back

[transitive usually passive] to put a material or substance onto the back of something, in order to protect it or make it stronger:
Back the photo with cardboard.
a plastic-backed shower curtain

be behind something

[transitive usually passive] to be at the back of something or behind it:
The Jandia Peninsula is a stretch of white sands backed by a mountain range.


[transitive usually passive]APM to play or sing the music that supports the main singer or musician:
They performed all their hits, backed by a 40-piece orchestra.

risk money

[transitive]DGG to risk money on whether a particular horse, dog, team etc wins something

back the wrong horse

to support someone or something that is not successful

back away

phrasal verb
1 to move backwards and away from something, especially because you are frightened
back away from
She backed away from the menacing look on his face.
2 to stop supporting a plan or idea, or stop being involved in something
back away from
The government has backed away from its nuclear weapons strategy.

back down

phrasal verb
to admit that you are wrong or that you have lost an argument:
Both sides have refused to back down.

back off

phrasal verb
1 to move backwards, away from someone or something:
She backed off and then turned and ran.
2 to stop telling someone what to do, or stop criticizing them, especially so that they can deal with something themselves:
I think you should back off for a while.
Back off, Marc! Let me run my own life!
3 to stop supporting something, or decide not to do something you were planning to do:
Jerry backed off when he realized how much work was involved.
back off from
The company has backed off from investing new money.

back onto something

phrasal verb
if a building backs onto something, its back faces it:
The hotel backs onto St Mark's Square.

back out

phrasal verb
to decide not to do something that you had promised to do:
It's too late to back out now.
After you've signed the contract, it will be impossible to back out.
back out of
The government is trying to back out of its commitment to reduce pollution.

back up

phrasal verb

back somebody/something ↔ up

to say or show that what someone is saying is true:
Jane would back me up if she were here.
There's no evidence to back up his accusations.
These theories have not been backed up by research.

back somebody/something ↔ up

to provide support or help for someone or something:
The plan's success depends on how vigorously the UN will back it up with action.
The police officers are backed up by extra teams of people at the weekend.
3TDTD to make a copy of information stored on a computer:
Make sure you back up.
back something ↔ up
These devices can back up the whole system.
back something ↔ up onto something
Back all your files up onto floppy disks.
4TTC especially American English to make a vehicle move backwards:
The truck stopped and then backed up.
back something ↔ up
I backed the car up a little.
5 to move backwards:
Back up a bit so that everyone can see.
6 if traffic backs up, it forms a long line of vehicles that cannot move:
The traffic was starting to back up in both directions.
7 if a toilet, sink etc backs up, it becomes blocked so that water cannot flow out of it

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