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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchipchip1 /tʃɪp/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable]  1 food [usually plural] a) British EnglishDFF a long thin piece of potato cooked in oil syn French fry American English fish and chips a bag of chips b) American EnglishDFF a thin flat round piece of food such as potato cooked in very hot oil and eaten cold syn crisp British English a bag of potato chips2 computer a small piece of silicon that has a set of complicated electrical connections on it and is used to store and process information in computers the age of the silicon chip chip technology3 piecePIECE a small piece of wood, stone, metal etc that has been broken off something Wood chips covered the floor of the workshop. a chocolate chip cookie (=one that contains small pieces of chocolate)4 markMARK a small hole or mark on a plate, cup etc where a piece has broken offchip in There’s a chip in this bowl.5 have a chip on your shoulder6 when the chips are down7 be a chip off the old block8 game [usually plural]DGG a small flat coloured piece of plastic used in games such as poker or blackjack to represent a particular amount of money 9 sport (also chip shot, chip kick)DS a hit in golf, or a kick in football or rugby, that makes the ball go high into the air for a short distance10 have had your chips blue-chip, → cash in your chips at cash in
Examples from the Corpus
chipchips and guacamole dipChips of plaster littered the floor of the lobby.fish and chipsA large number of young men reported eating white bread, chips, meat pies and sweets regularly.Her blue eyes narrowed to marble chips.Ed instructed us how to approach our chips.Inmos Transputers are unique because they combine a processor, communications links and memory on a single chip.The process uses small chips of carbon to adsorb the gold dissolved in solution.The company expects the early versions of the chip will go into low-end desktop computers primarily sold outside the United States.Guiltless Gourmet Baked Not Fried tortilla chips.After the decorators had left there were chips of plaster all over the lobby.Wood chips covered the floor in the carpenter's workshop.fish and chipsThe first-term legislator, owner of a fish and chips shop, was elected with no particular platform.There was always fish and chips.That's the best fish and chips I've ever had.But fish and chips are, I would suggest, virtually impossible to sling.We will send out for fish and chips.The money from the kettle would buy him fish and chips, popcorn and a seat at the pictures.They all trooped in, eating their fish and chips, and clustered around the bed.silicon chipComplexity poured into the artificial medium of machines and silicon chips will only be in further flux.Today computer networks and intricate silicon chips are grown too.With modern technology many thousands of bistables can be formed on one silicon chip.But nuclear power brought nuclear warheads, plastics brought pollution, and the silicon chip promises unemployment for some people.chip inOh, the plate has a chip in it.We all chipped in to pay for the food and wine.Electronics firm Compol chipped in with over $20,000.When Mona retired, all her co-workers chipped in and bought her a lovely dinner service.