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drawdraw2 ●●○ S3 noun [countable]  1 DSthe final result of a game or competition in which both teams or players have the same number of points syn tie The match ended in a draw.2 DGGan occasion when someone or something is chosen by chance, especially the winning ticket in a lottery, or the teams who will play against each other in a competition England has been selected to play Germany in the draw for the first round of the World Cup.3 British English a competition in which people whose names or tickets are chosen by chance win money or prizes Congratulations! You have been entered into our £100,000 prize draw!4 APDSa performer, place, event etc that a lot of people come to see It is hoped that the new art gallery will be a big draw for visitors.5 when you breathe in smoke from a cigarette syn drag Maltravers took a long draw on his cigarette. the luck of the draw at luck1(18), → quick on the draw at quick1(9)
Examples from the Corpus
drawIf the final ends in a draw, the game will be decided on penalties."What was the result of the Barcelona v Real Madrid game?" "It was a draw."Neither side has scored. It looks as if it's going to be another draw.New York is always a big draw for tourists.Brian Horton says it is a good draw for United, but they have to beat Swansea first.The jackpot for Saturday's draw is over $5 million.Last week's draw was a bad result for Arsenal, putting Manchester United ahead of them in the league.Only by this counter-attack against White's kingside pawns can Black hope to achieve enough counterplay to hold the draw.I came up with the idea that the draw be made in court, in front of everybody.ended in a drawThe one-day Eton v Harrow match at Lord's on June 24 ended in a draw.When the real battle got under way the opening game ended in a draw after a tough struggle of 30 moves.This round of the fight has ended in a draw.All the other matches ended in draws but Nottinghamshire wasted an opportunity to go top of the table at Lord's.This ended in a draw after 116 moves.The third game in the chess tournament ended in a draw.After a long game in the kitchen which ended in a draw, they went upstairs and made love.prize drawSome local authorities have been very effective at this - in Greenwich, people who registered were entered in a prize draw.A prize draw was held regularly, and winners were awarded specially designed T shirts.There will also be a free prize draw with £100, £50 and £25 Guinness vouchers on offer.Bonds go into a monthly prize draw paying 4.25 per cent overall.Our next prize draw will take place on 31 May - remember each entry is eligible.