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placeplace2 ●●○ S3 W2 verb  1 position [transitive always + adverb/preposition]PUT to put something somewhere, especially with care syn put She poured the doctor a cup of tea and placed it on the table. He carefully placed the folder back in his desk drawer.see thesaurus at put2 situation [transitive always + adverb/preposition]CAUSE to put someone or something in a particular situation syn put The government is being placed under pressure to give financial help to farmers. Children must not be placed at risk. Some areas of the city have been placed under curfew. This places me in a very difficult position.3 in a job/home [transitive] formalBEJOB/WORK to find a suitable job or home for someone Some unemployed people can be very difficult to place. He was later placed with a foster family.4 arrange something [transitive]DGG to arrange for something to be done He placed an advertisement in the local paper. You can place orders by telephone. I had no idea which horse I should place a bet on.5 how good/important [transitive always + adverb/preposition] to say how good or important you think someone or something is I would place health quite high on my list of priorities.place somebody/something above/before somebody/something Some museums seem to place profit above education. 6 place value/importance/emphasis etc on something7 can’t place somebody8 be well/ideally etc placed9 be placed first/second etc→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
placeFor 100-to-200-page pieces, place a summary after each major section.The value of the jewels has been placed at one million dollars.In paper chromatography, the solid phase is paper on which the sample is placed directly.When families place elderly relatives into residential care, a similar feeling of guilt is often apparent.Every week someone comes and places fresh flowers on her grave.Guivier's discoveries placed him at the cutting edge of medical research.Pallan's latest win places him in the top ten players in Ohio.Winters placed his hand on my arm, holding me back.Food is placed in a large cage, and when the animal enters, the door drops down.The temp agency was trying to place me with a law firm.A secondary emphasis was to be placed on traffic between Berlin and Tokyo.Place some lemon slices on the fish before serving it.If they are not going to fit into school then they must be placed somewhere more suitable.I complicate the test as follows: I place the coin in my hand, then my hand under the cushion.He felt that Jordan's mistakes had placed the family in great danger.Her big-boned body felt clumsy and she placed the tray on the coffee table with a loud clatter.At the age of five, Matthew was placed with a foster family.placed ... advertisementSpooky ... Switching to a smaller scale, we placed advertisements in South London newsagents.Neild placed advertisements in the newspapers appealing for donations.