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catchcatch2 ●●○ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 [countable]HOLD an act of catching a ball that has been thrown or hit πŸ”Š Hey! Nice catch!2 [countable usually singular] informalPROBLEM a hidden problem or difficulty πŸ”Š This deal looks too good to be true – there must be a catch somewhere.the catch is (that) πŸ”Š The catch is that you can’t enter the competition unless you’ve spent $100 in the store.3 [countable]D a hook or something similar for fastening a door or lid and keeping it shut4 [countable]TA a quantity of fish that has been caught at one time5 [uncountable]DG a simple game in which two or more people throw a ball to each other πŸ”Š Let’s go outside and play catch.6 β†’ a catch in your voice/throat7 β†’ a (good) catch
Examples from the Corpus
catchβ€’ Ex-Chiefs wideout Willie Davis has turned five of his 22 catches into touchdowns.β€’ A tall, fair woman with legs as long as Julia Roberts', she would be a catch for his grand party.β€’ There is a catch, however!β€’ You get free meals and accommodation, but there's a catch -- you have to look after the children.β€’ Many of the best deals come with a catch: they are only good through early summer.β€’ The deal comes with a catch - you have to buy one before June.β€’ Each morning, Troy goes down to the fish market to inspect the daily catch.β€’ That was a great catch!β€’ Anglers can take home limit or near limit catches daily.β€’ I read to him, played catch in the alley and taught him how to ride his new bike.β€’ Certainly in his bachelor days Johnnie Spencer was the catch of the county.β€’ The catch is that you can't enter the contest unless you have spent $50 in the store.β€’ The catch on my necklace is broken.β€’ The men fish and sell their catch along the little promenade.the catch is (that)β€’ Gulls circle as the catch is spilt on to the quay and arranged for auction on the following day.β€’ But the catch is that heat pumps work best when it is not real cold outside.β€’ Parents say the catch is that they have to be careful not to be too focused on these children.