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friendlyfriendly2 noun (plural friendlies) [countable] British English  DGa game played for pleasure or practice, and not because it is important to win
Examples from the Corpus
friendlyThe games on the site are divided into two categories: friendlies and tournaments.By the end of the 32/33 season, the club was well placed to progress from friendlies to Junior League soccer.The team will play friendlies from April, with the league starting on 15 May.Meanwhile the Deesiders have fixed up four attractive preseason friendlies against football league opposition at Holywell Road.Lawrence will announce a series of pre-season friendlies next week, with the standard tougher than last year.Expectation had been rampant throughout June but, come the pre-season friendlies of August, football fever had reached dizzy heights.None of the friendlies would have been able to see let alone reach them under the dense canopy where they went down.Normally it was helpful, but this time, with the friendlies on the ground, they could not fire back.