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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgamegame1 /ɡeɪm/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 activity or sport [countable] a) DGDSan activity or sport in which people compete with each other according to agreed rules We used to love playing games like chess or backgammon. b) DGDSan occasion when a game is playedmatch Did you see the game on TV last night?a game of tennis/football etc Would you like to have a game of tennis?game against/with England’s World Cup game against Holland ball game, board game, video game, war game2 games3 part of a match [countable]DGDS one of the parts into which a single match is divided, for example in tennis or bridge1(4) Graf leads, two games to one.4 children [countable]DLSSC a children’s activity in which they play with toys, pretend to be someone else etcgame of a game of hide-and-seek The boys were playing a game in the backyard.5 somebody’s game6 give the game away7 beat somebody at their own game8 be a game9 play games (with somebody)10 animals/birds [uncountable]HBDSO wild animals, birds, and fish that are hunted for food, especially as a sport game birds big game11 the only game in town12 business [singular] informalBOJOB/WORK an area of work or business I’ve been in this game for over ten years.13 what’s her/your etc game?14 the game’s up15 a game of chance16 somebody got game17 be on the game18 game on19 game over20 make game of somebody fair game, → fun and games at fun1(5), → the name of the game at name1(10), → a mug’s game at mug1(5)COLLOCATIONSverbsplay a gameThey explained how to play the game.see/watch a gameDid you see the game last night?have a game British EnglishThey were having a game of pool.win/lose a gameA.C. Milan won the game with a last-minute goal.Arsenal lost the game because of a mistake by their goalkeeper.the game is tied (=both teams or players had the same score)The game was tied 10-10 at halftime. draw a game British English (=end the game with the same score as the opposing team or player)We played badly and were lucky to draw the game.NOUN + gamea computer/video gameHe was up all night playing computer games.a card gameBridge is a card game for four people.a board/ball gameboard games such as Monopoly and Scrabblea team gameI wasn't very good at team games when I was at school.a party gameWhat's your favourite party game?a basketball/baseball etc gameHe was watching a baseball game on TV.a home game (=played at a team's own sports field)Next Saturday Liverpool have a home game against Manchester United.an away game (=played at an opposing team's sports field)We didn't win any away games last season.a league game (=played as part of a league competition)There's a big league game against Chelsea on Saturday.a cup game (=played as part of a cup competition)He hopes to play in the cup game on Wednesday.a playoff game American English (=one of a series of games played by the best teams in a competition to decide the final winner )This is the first of their five playoff games.a play-off game British English (=played to decide the winner after a previous game ended with both teams having equal points)an indoor gameThere is a hall for indoor games and social functions.an outdoor gameOutdoor games are affected by the weather.phrasesthe rules of the gameIt's against the rules of the game to pick up the ball.
Examples from the Corpus
gameIn 18 games for Ottawa last season he had 15 points.How about a game of tennis this evening?Let's have a game of chess.They were, though, marginally the more inventive in a game that showed signs of decline from the early stages.Board games are still popular gifts.board games like Monopoly and LudoI got two tickets for the Bulls' game.I'm not very good at card games.Harvey has devised a Spanish-English language card game.Evansville will play Maryland in the championship game.Have you ever played Mah Jong? It's a Chinese game.About 7 million households have people who play computer games."Psychic Detective" is a CD-ROM computer game from Electronic Arts Studios.Chess is such a difficult game.Chadwick suggested that baseball evolved from the English game of rounders.Sharpe had injured a knee in a football game a few weeks earlierThat is why so few books on the middle game, he wrote, though plenty on openings and endgames.Rugby is a very exciting, fast-moving game.In Wales, rugby is the national game.Breakdown must be one of the best reader's games we've ever had.But I just tried to keep focusing on the game.Then you proceed to get all the other pairs to win the game ten pairs to none.The Vikings nearly won the game in regulation.Players have stepped up their games.Barcelona beat Real Madrid 3-2 in a thrilling game.Sampras leads, two games to one.a video gameDo you want to come and watch the volleyball game this Saturday?game against/withBrown will not return to the team until the Nov. 16 game against the San Diego Chargers.But we play a game with no love.Simulations and games With pupils in lower secondary years their enjoyment of pretence is not yet impaired by age.The numbered vouchers were given to fans who attended Sunderland's games against Ipswich, Plymouth and Middlesbrough.Colquhoun suffered a back injury in training yesterday and is almost certain to miss today's game against Brentford.First, it was a tennis game with some new friends Wednes-day afternoons.playing ... gameIt serves them right for playing a game in which even the winners become losers if they try to repeat their success.Just playing games, Eugene thought, just like you.That's just me playing games.There was no rivalry between them when they tried which could throw the discus farthest; they were only playing a game.Now somebody was playing games and ... his eyes sharpened as he caught a movement in the churchyard.This was playing games where at the end of training there was no greater number of jobs available.They were being themselves, and it was I who was playing a game.