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Language: Old English
Origin: ham 'village, home'


1 noun
home1 S1 W1

place where you live

[uncountable and countable] the house, apartment, or place where you live:
They have a beautiful home in California.
Good luck in your new home!
at home
Last night we stayed at home and watched TV.
away from home
He was spending more and more time away from home.
work from/at home (=do your work at home instead of at a company office)
A family of birds made their home (=started living) under the roof.


[uncountable and countable] the place where a child lived with his or her family:
Jack left home when he was 16.
Were you still living at home (=with your parents)?
Carrie moved out of the family home a year ago.

where you came from/belong

[uncountable and countable] the place where you came from or where you usually live, especially when this is the place where you feel happy and comfortable:
She was born in Italy, but she's made Charleston her home.
back home
The folks back home don't really understand what life is like here.

your country

[uncountable] the country where you live, as opposed to foreign countries
at home
auto sales at home and abroad
back home
He's been travelling, but he's kept up with what's going on back home.

be/feel at home

a) to feel comfortable in a place or with a person
be/feel at home in/with
I'm already feeling at home in the new apartment.
After a while we began to feel at home with each other.
b) to feel happy or confident about doing or using something
be/feel at home with/in
Practise using the video until you feel quite at home with it.


[countable] a house, apartment etc considered as property which you can buy or sell:
Attractive, modern homes for sale.

for taking care of somebody

[countable] a place where people who are very old or sick, or children who have no family are looked after:
an old people's home
I could never put Dad into a home.
children's home, nursing home, rest home

make yourself at home

spoken used to tell someone who is visiting you that they should relax:
Sit down and make yourself at home.

make somebody feel at home

to make someone feel relaxed by being friendly towards them:
We like to make our customers feel at home.

the home of something

a) the place where something was first discovered, made, or developed:
America is the home of baseball.
b) the place where a plant or animal grows or lives:
India is the home of elephants and tigers.

sports team

at home

DS if a sports team plays at home, they play at their own sports field [≠ away]
at home to
Birmingham Bullets are at home to Kingston.

home from home

British English home away from home American English a place that you think is as pleasant and comfortable as your own house

home sweet home

used to say how nice it is to be in your own home

dogs'/cats' home

British EnglishDHP a place where animals with no owners are looked after

find a home for something

British English to find a place where something can be kept:
Can you find a home for the piano?

what's that when it's at home?

British English spoken used humorously to ask what a long or unusual word means


[uncountable]DG a place in some games or sports which a player must try to reach in order to win a point

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