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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishretirere‧tire /rɪˈtaɪə $ -ˈtaɪr/ ●●○ S3 W3 verb  1 work a) [intransitive]LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION to stop working, usually because you have reached a certain age Most people retire at 65. He was forced to retire early because of poor health.retire from I retired from teaching three years ago. her decision to retire from her position as librarian of the law society Her drink problem has forced her to retire from public life.retire as He retired as a GP last year. b) [transitive]LEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION to ask someone to stop doing their job, usually because of ill health He became ill and was retired early. Grammar Retire is usually passive when used as a transitive verb.2 quiet place [intransitive] formalGO to go away to a quiet placeretire to I retired to my room to think.3 jury [intransitive] when a jury in a law court retires, they go away to consider whether someone is guilty or not4 game/race [intransitive]DSDG to stop competing in a game or race because you are losing or injured He had to retire with a neck injury in the second half.5 bed [intransitive] literarySLEEP to go to bed6 army [intransitive]PM to move back from a battle after being defeated→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
retireAt 75, Stevens has no plans to retire.Everyone should have the right to a pension when they retire.Mrs Davies retired after 45 years with the company.He retired as Principal ten years ago, but still does a lot of fund-raising for the school.If you retire at 50, you won't get your full pension.My father retired at 65.The captain retired at ten o'clock with a glass of whisky.Will, now approaching his seventies, wanted to retire but their savings were insufficient to allow him to do so.The Director who retires by rotation is Mr F. Cox who, being eligible, offers himself for re-election.Preparing to write his great work of self-analysis and retrospection, Proust in effect retired from life.When Jean retired from modelling, she moved to Cornwall.Jim Rutland retired from the Navy last year.The Lawson brothers retired from the police force in January.In the UK, men usually retire in their late 50s or early 60s.The 49ers are planning to retire Montana's No. 16 jersey.He came back the following year only to retire once more during the exhibition season because of the resistance.She too looks like a retired person, retired from the turbulence beyond the perimeter wall.Mary Ellen always had to set the fire for the next morning before retiring to bed.The jury has retired to consider its verdict.Moser said the elder Carman was a retired union official.retire from public lifeIn his later years Howard seems increasingly to have retired from public life.He retired from public life for a few years and then returned to full prominence.