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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtagtag1 /tæɡ/ ●●● S3 noun  1 small piece of paper etc [countable]D a small piece of paper, plastic etc attached to something to show what it is, who owns it, what it costs etcname/identity/price tag All the staff wore name tags. dog tag2 game [uncountable]DG a children’s game in which one player chases and tries to touch the others3 electronic object (also electronic tag) [countable] British English a piece of equipment that you attach to an animal or person, especially someone who has just left prison, so that you always know where they are4 computer [countable] a computer code attached to a word or phrase in a computer document in order to arrange the data in a particular way5 name [countable] a word or phrase which is used to describe a person, group, or thing, but which is often unfair or not correct His speed earned him the tag of ‘the runner’.6 grammar [countable]SLG technical a tag question 7 name painted on wall [countable] especially American English informal someone’s name that they paint illegally on a wall, vehicle etc8 car American English a) tags [plural] informal the license plates on a car b) [countable] a small piece of sticky plastic with a date on it that you put on your car’s license plate to show that the car is legally allowed on the road in that yearCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa price tagDon’t forgot to remove the price tag.a name/an identity tagEvery baby had a name tag on his or her wrist.a security tag (=to prevent something being stolen)Expensive items such as leather jackets have security tags which have to be removed at the till. a gift tag (=a tag attached to a gift that says who it is from)You can buy gift wrap with matching gift tags.a luggage tagWas there a luggage tag on your suitcase?
Examples from the Corpus
tagI didn't blame her for hating the "mayor's ex-girlfriend" tag.A sequence of grammatical tags in the corpus is taken and split into pairs and triples.Harvey took off his identity tag and inserted it into a machine like a railway station weighing machine upon which he stepped.Do we have to wear these name tags?This enables you to replace text or tags and cut out a lot of painstaking monkey work when revamping your site.Little girls played tag and stoop-ball, hopscotch, skipped rope; big girls sat under the pine tree and whispered.I can't find a price tag on it anywhere.The Navy also wants 12 new attack submarines with a price tag of $ 17. 6 billion.The judge also prohibited the Motor Vehicle Administration from recalling the specialty tags.During one game I accidentally scored against my own side and acquired the tag "wrong way" Jones.Additional items such as colour, indentation and tabs can also be attached to the tag.name/identity/price tagBovis Homes reckons a major plus point are the top quality carpets, which are included in the £139,950 price tag.You have to find creative ways of providing the illusion of space in a price tag that more people can afford.This is why it is essential that they should wear a collar with a name tag attached at all times.Yesterday Woods did not live up to the $ 2.25 million price tag needed to lure him to the Middle East.In fact, Republicans were sure to oppose it no matter the price tag.However, as with Wimbledon defender John Scales, he faces a fight because of the price tag slapped on the player.For people with game tickets, Golden Sports knocks $ 1,000 off the price tag.The price tag for such an endeavor: $ 20million.