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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtriviatriv‧i‧a /ˈtrɪviə/ noun [plural]  1 DGdetailed facts about history, sport, famous people etc a selection of golfing trivia a trivia quiz2 UNIMPORTANTunimportant or useless details meaningless trivia
Examples from the Corpus
triviaMy memories are full of anecdotes and trivia, not stultified by rigid dogma.It looked like a mock-up set in a middle-class soap opera, shining with domestic trivia, very clean.It will highlight 1,000 courses, some obscure, and delve into history, trivia and tradition.Have we become the Huxleyan mob irretrievably affixed to the tube and addicted to its terror and its trivia?The magazine was full of trivia and gossip.News programs tend to focus on trivia at the expense of serious issues.I find that I can remember trivia such as old sports results, but I can't remember the things that I really need.I had been dealing with trivia but this was different.