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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisharbourar‧bour British English, arbor American English /ˈɑːbə $ ˈɑːrbər/ noun [countable]  DLGa shelter in a garden made by making plants grow together on a frame shaped like an arch
Examples from the Corpus
arbourThe path leads down and around to a brick-paved seating area situated beneath a climber-covered arbour looking back towards the house.To provide vertical emphasis and break the line of those surrounding walls, pergolas and a rose covered arbour have been introduced.Behind a screen of scented orange-blossom was a little arbour with a stone bench, and she took refuge there.She also received a rose arbour for her garden where she plans to spend more time in her retirement.Past the overgrown lawn, through the decrepit rose arbour and into the Wilderness.I strolled on into the arbour.When the arbour collapsed, when the pear tree blew over, they cleared the wreckage and left Nature to it.