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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcultivatecul‧ti‧vate /ˈkʌltɪveɪt/ ●○○ verb [transitive]  1 TACGROW PLANTS, VEGETABLES ETCto prepare and use land for growing crops and plants The land was too rocky to cultivate.2 formal to plant and take care of a particular crop syn grow We cultivated maize and watermelons.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say someone grows a crop rather than cultivates it:They have been growing grapes there for hundreds of years.3 DEVELOPto work hard to develop a particular skill, attitude, or quality Try to cultivate a more relaxed and positive approach to life. The company has been successful in cultivating a very professional image.4 FRIENDto make an effort to develop a friendly relationship with someone, especially someone who can help you Professor Gladwyn would be an acquaintance worth cultivating.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cultivateHe's spent years cultivating a knowledge of art.Christoffers has cultivated a network among antiques dealers, collectors and museum staff who will allow her to copy their prize pieces.He also cultivates an amiable sort of ruthlessness.Her marriage allowed her to cultivate friendships with the Paris literary elite.The most sophisticated farmers are the leaf-cutting ants, which cultivate fungus on fresh vegetation thanks to an assembly-line of specialised castes.The second species, R. humilis, has been imported and is cultivated in aquariums and terrariums.Dozens of eucalyptus species are cultivated in the arboretum.Minnesota has long cultivated its cultural image.Baseball teams spend a lot on cultivating new talent.In greenhouse or field, pollen and egg from wild tomatoes were tested for the ability to cross with cultivated plants.The tribe cultivated the land and grew the food.Population growth is causing people to clear more woodland so that they can cultivate the land.Converse purchased a pint of Gold Leaf Cognac to cultivate the management.Nearer the coast, huge areas of land are given over to cultivating tomatoes.Specimens cultivated under this name for some forty to fifty years have never flowered.Gradually it was found more profitable to cultivate vines and olives rather than grain.