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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcuttingcut‧ting1 /ˈkʌtɪŋ/ noun [countable]  1 HBPa stem or leaf that is cut from a plant and put in soil or water to grow into a new plant2 British EnglishTCN an article that has been cut from a newspaper or magazine syn clippingpress/newspaper cuttings Margot sent him some press cuttings about the wedding.3 British EnglishTT a passage that has been dug through high ground for a railway, road etc syn cut American English
Examples from the Corpus
cuttingOne is by the leaf bud cutting taken in May and June and stuck in a greenhouse.Then she saw that the last cutting was new to her.The Forestry Commission has opened a plant centre selling cuttings from its rare flora.Take cuttings of violas, taking material from healthy, non-flowering basal shoots.Tax cutting may also have passed its peak.Railway lines channel wildlife into the city centre along their cuttings and embankments.Could it be that with these cuttings he is working to modify the image of the family I present?press/newspaper cuttingsBe sure to cut out and keep all press cuttings.This will include newspaper cuttings and the references referred to above, although taking care not to breach copyright laws.There are special collections of country information, newspaper cuttings, market research reports and theses.Prints of every size showing every kind of combat from medieval jousting to the latest newspaper cuttings of the Zulu War.Then she remembered Kev's little bundle of newspaper cuttings, and she turned to Bri with a kiss.Equally intriguing are the missives from my brother, the newspaper cuttings that arrive every three weeks or so.It should contain law reports, books on personal injury, journals, box files of the newspaper cuttings and videos.