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edgeedge2 verb  1 move [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION to move gradually with several small movements, or to make something do this Tim was edging away from the crowd. She edged closer to get a better look. He edged her towards the door.edge your way into/round/through etc something Christine edged her way round the back of the house.2 put at edge [transitive]EDGE to put something on the edge or border of something The city square was edged by trees.be edged with something The tablecloth is edged with lace. Grammar Edge is usually passive in this meaning.3 change [intransitive, transitive always + adverb/preposition]SLOW to change gradually, especially so as to get better or worseedge up/down Profits have edged up. The paper has edged ahead of (=been more successful than) its rivals.4 grass [transitive]DLG to cut the edges of an area of grass so that they are tidy and straight edge somebody ↔ out→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
edgeThen he edged a ball into his pad and some one made a stifled appeal.He kept an eye on me as he edged across the room.Billy edged along the ledge, trying not to look down.As he edged closer, Jan became more nervous.Ross Perot edges ever closer to declaring himself the candidate of his new Reform Party.The action reversed a trend in which the two countries appeared to be edging ever so slightly toward increased cooperation.Fontes edged Gibbs in the voting for NFL Coach of the Year.Edging my way through the crowd, I eventually managed to get to the bar.I brush the sleeve of her kimono as I edge past.Mervyn edged sideways through the front door, which seemed to be stuck.There were a few trees edging the pavement, but they were an urban stock, twisted and stunted by city poisons.I started edging towards the door, hoping to slip away unnoticed.edge your way into/round/through etc somethingI spotted Dad edging his way through the throng.New terminologies were not difficult to master, and gradually the possibility of perfection began edging its way into my life.Nick slipped off his clothes and edged his way into the water.There were certainly more people than she had expected as they edged their way into the crowded lounge.be edged with somethingMeanwhile, the canal is edged with black bricks laid with black mortar which provides a very smart finish to the canal.Her voice was edged with irritation.edge up/downWall Street edged up 0.9% and the world index gained 1.2%.Shares of Westinghouse edged down 1 / 4 to 18 1 / 8.Flap extension automatically selects drooping leading edge down.November output edged up a preliminary 0. 1 % from October but tumbled 3. 7 % from November 1994.We edged up along a steep, snowy ridge and over the heaven-scraped granite to the top.As the national minimum wage was edged up, so the position altered.Load factor edged up to 52. 2 % from 51. 4 %.