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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflowerpotflow‧er‧pot /ˈflaʊəpɒt $ -ərpɑːt/ noun [countable]  flowerpot.jpg DLGa plastic or clay pot in which you grow plants
Examples from the Corpus
flowerpotIt had shutters and a flowerpot on a fake sill painted right on it.The key, here, was not kept under a flowerpot or stone but in a more foolproof and elaborate hiding-place.These pieces can also be cultivated in flowerpots where they develop very well if lighted properly.Although growing well under water, they adapt to normal soil conditions and can be cultivated in flowerpots as indoor plants.So letters were left under large stones, wedged firmly in flowerpots or slipped under the door.Place a large coffee filter in the bottom of flowerpot before adding soil.Perhaps you should conceal some small flowerpots under the wood.In the harsh air she poked around in the flowerpots and bushes by the front door.