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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoxglovefox‧glove /ˈfɒksɡlʌv $ ˈfɑːks-/ noun [countable]  DLGHBPa tall plant with many bell-shaped flowers
Examples from the Corpus
foxgloveI tell you, every single thing that's happened fits like a bee in a foxglove.Bank upon bank of thrift and proud long-stemmed daisies intermingled with huge expanses of gorse and foxgloves.With patterns ranging from bold lemons to blowsy foxgloves, the kits start at £24.95.Ivy, foxglove, columbine, morning glory, holly, laurel ... suddenly they all have a sinister aspect.Strategic groups of foxgloves, delphiniums and tall campanulas will relieve the consistent height.The two men fell silent as they cantered their horses between low hedgerows that were bright with the early spears of foxgloves.In the walled garden, the foxglove boldly pointing skyward, like a cathedral spire.To add realism to the design, colour some of the foxgloves and sunflowers with fabric dyes or embroidery.