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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishframeframe1 /freΙͺm/ ●●● S3 W3 noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 frame.jpg border [countable]DT a structure made of wood, metal, plastic etc that surrounds something such as a picture or window, and holds it in place πŸ”Š They removed the picture from its wooden frame.door/window/picture frame2 structure [countable]DT the structure or main supporting parts of a piece of furniture, vehicle, or other object πŸ”Š a bicycle frame πŸ”Š the frame of the chair3 body [countable]HBH the general shape formed by the bones of someone’s bodylarge/thin/slight etc frame4 glasses [countable usually plural]DMH the metal or plastic part of a pair of glasses that holds the lenses5 main facts/ideas [countable usually singular]BASIC the main ideas, facts etc that something is based on πŸ”Š A clear explanation of the subject provides a frame on which a deeper understanding can be built. πŸ”Š Some comments may or may not be understood as harassment, depending on your frame of reference (=knowledge and beliefs that influence the way you think).6 β†’ be in/out of the frame (for something)7 film [countable]TCP an area of film that contains one photograph, or one of the series of separate photographs that make up a film or video8 sport [countable]DGS a complete part in the games of snooker or bowling πŸ”Š I won the next three frames.9 internet [countable]DLG one of the areas into which a webpage is divided β†’ climbing frame, cold frame, β†’ frame of mind at mind1(15)
Examples from the Corpus
frameβ€’ Movies are shot at 24 frames per second.β€’ That's a nice picture - you should put it in a frame.β€’ a bicycle frameβ€’ She wore sunglasses with pointy black frames.β€’ No men leaned against door frames or storefront windows.β€’ He bent his lanky frame into the small car.β€’ But even her choice of this book indicated a negative frame of mind.β€’ For example, the photograph on the previous page shows how pressed flower designs can be used to decorate photograph frames.β€’ Despite Howarth's greater playing frame, Lees was reappointed for a year.β€’ Franklin experienced many changes and used an absolutely rationalistic frame to make sense of them.β€’ There's nothing wrong with the frame of the chair, but the upholstery needs replacing.β€’ Illustrated is the system used for securing sheets to a simple lean-to verandah roof with timber frame.β€’ But it was always widely feared that the narrow time frame was far too short and would work against an effective peace.β€’ After much midnight hammering, a large wooden frame, covered in chicken wire with a drop down door was constructed.door/window/picture frameβ€’ He punched her on the head and made her do pull-ups against a door frame.β€’ I roamed around archways leading nowhere and windows framed by stone walls standing in isolation.β€’ When Joe inquired about these details, the duke said that gilded window frames were economical because they required no repainting.β€’ Burst walls, the marks of picture frames, the shadow of a crucifix.β€’ He regilded picture frames, glued back together broken cups and plates.β€’ The wind still howled through the chimney pots and rattled through the cracks of the window frames.β€’ He held on to the window frame with one hand while he scraped paint with the other.bicycle frameβ€’ The cyclist had a big leather bag strapped on the bicycle frame and they kept the set in there.large/thin/slight etc frameβ€’ There was a large framed picture of John Wayne, six-guns drawn.β€’ With a large frame the final answer should be between 21.4 and 24.6 to indicate correct weight.β€’ He had an appetite to match his large frame.β€’ A convulsive fit so that his thin frame shook.β€’ It helps to know whether you have a small, medium or large frame.β€’ She was trying to straighten an anorak around Sonja's pitifully slight frame.β€’ The Mesomorph has a medium to large frame.β€’ For each height there is an acceptable weight range covering small to large frames.frame of referenceβ€’ I would like to put him in a frame of reference and comparison.β€’ And so this rural scene to which we had escaped gave me a frame of reference to understand my parents.β€’ Sometimes different people have conflicting frames of reference that can lead to problems of understanding.β€’ Sony, though, has an indelible frame of reference: the Betamax.β€’ The stories are there - we need only change our focus, alter our frame of reference, in order to find them.β€’ Models provide a shared frame of reference for people from different cultural backgrounds.β€’ Even more damaging has been the U.S. attempt to neutralize the frame of reference for the peace process.β€’ The three main theoretical frames of reference will be explored in the three middle chapters.