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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_130_igardengar‧den1 /ˈɡɑːdn $ ˈɡɑːr-/ ●●● S1 W1 noun  1 [countable] British EnglishDLG the area of land next to a house, where there are flowers, grass, and other plants, and often a place for people to sit syn yard American English He’s outside in the garden. Grace brought us some flowers from her garden.back/front garden (=at the back or front of the house)2 [countable] a part of the area next to a house, which has plants and flowers in it The house has a beautiful herb garden.3 gardens4 Gardens kitchen garden, market garden, → lead somebody up the garden path at lead1(12)COLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + gardenovergrown (=covered with plants that have grown in an uncontrolled way)The garden is getting rather overgrown.well-kept/tidy British English (also neat American English)The hotel is set in a well-kept garden.untidyThere was a small untidy garden behind the house.the front garden British English (=at the front of a house)Their house had a small front garden.the back garden British English (=behind a house)The children are playing in the back garden.a flower/rose garden (=a garden planted with flowers/roses)The cottage was surrounded by a flower garden.a kitchen garden British English (=where you grow fruit and vegetables)The kitchen garden supplies vegetables to the manor house.a vegetable/herb garden (=where vegetables/herbs are grown)Rows of lettuces had been sown in the vegetable garden.a rock garden (=a garden with rocks that have plants growing between them)She helped me choose plants for the rock garden.verbswater the gardenIt hasn’t rained for a week – I should water the garden.weed the garden (=remove unwanted wild plants)She was outside weeding the garden.plant a gardenThey planted a beautiful rose garden in her memory.garden + NOUNa garden shed (=a small building in the garden for storing tools and equipment)We keep the lawnmower in the garden shed.garden tools (=tools that you use for digging, planting etc in the garden)Choose the right garden tool and you’ll do the job properly.a garden centre British English, a garden center American English (=a shop selling plants and things for the garden)I bought the plants at the garden centre.garden furniture (=chairs and tables used in a garden)Garden furniture sells well when the weather is warm.a garden hose (=a long rubber tube used for watering a garden)He accidentally left the garden hose running.a garden pond (=a small area of water in a garden)The garden pond was full of fish.a garden gnome (=a stone or plastic figure in a garden, which looks like a little old man with a pointed hat)Somebody had stolen one of their garden gnomes.the garden gate (= the gate between a garden and the street)Martin was waiting by the garden gate.a garden pathElaine walked up the garden path and into the house.garden waste (=grass, leaves etc that you have cut and do not want)The brown bin is for garden waste.phrasesthe bottom of the garden British English (=the end of the garden, away from the house)There was a trampoline at the bottom of the garden.THESAURUSareas and structures in a gardenlawn [countable] an area of short grass in a gardenThey were sitting on the front lawn of the house.flowerbed [countable] an area of ground where you grow flowersThe flowerbeds were well maintained.rockery [countable] British English an area of a garden where there are rocks with small flowers growing between themhedge [countable] a row of small bushes or trees growing close together, used for dividing one garden from anothera beech hedgevegetable patch/plot [countable] (also kitchen garden British English) a part of a garden where you grow vegetablespatio [countable] a flat stone area next to a house, where people sit outsidedecking [uncountable] a flat wooden area in a garden, where people can sitpond [countable] a small area of water in a gardenwater feature [countable] a small pool or structure with water running through it, used to make a garden look more attractivegreenhouse [countable] a glass building where you can grow plants that need protection from the weathershed [countable] a small wooden building in a garden, where you can store thingswork you do in a gardencut the grass/mow the lawn to cut grass using a machineI need to mow the lawn.trim a hedge to make a hedge look neater by cutting small pieces off itHedges need to be trimmed regularly in summer.cut back/prune shrubs to cut pieces off a bush in order to make it grow betterMarch is the ideal time for pruning roses.weed the flowerbeds/do some weeding to remove unwanted plantsDad was doing some weeding.sow seeds to put seeds in the groundThe children had been sowing sunflower seeds.plant a plant/tree to put a plant or tree in the ground so that it will growThey’d planted a row of cherry trees.deadhead plants to remove the dead or dying flowers from a plantWhen deadheading roses, make sure you use sharp pruning scissors.
Examples from the Corpus
gardenHigh railings guarded the small courtyard gardens, the gates of which were usually protected by push-button security-code entry locks.When Charles moved in to Highgrove there was practically no garden at all, just acres of lawn and some box hedges.It has a secluded garden bordered by a stream.At night, however, the garden is difficult to appreciate through the tinted windows.The grass in the garden was uncut and came up to her calves.Red and purple salvias blend well to give a sense of harmony in the garden.a vegetable garden