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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeraniumge‧ra‧ni‧um /dʒəˈreɪniəm/ noun [countable]  DLGHBPa plant with red, pink, or white flowers and round leaves
Examples from the Corpus
geraniumInstead he writes about his geraniums.It was your average London park, complete with flasher, park-keeper, geraniums, a bum-splintering see-saw and baby swings.Iron gates open to a courtyard filled with pots of geraniums and ivy tucked next to rusted bistro tables and chairs.And then, finally, he would have snapped off their arms and legs and used their torsos for planting geraniums.Having learned from that sage, I planted scented geraniums along the narrow part of the driveway.Well, she could, but it certainly wasn't the geranium.