Date: 1400-1500
Origin: graff 'graft' (14-19 centuries), from Old French grafe 'pencil, graft', from Greek graphein 'to write'; because a plant graft looks like a pencil


1 noun
1 [countable]MH a piece of healthy skin or bone taken from someone's body and put in or on another part of their body that has been damaged:
Martha had to have several skin grafts.
2 [countable]DLGTA a piece cut from one plant and tied to or put inside a cut in another, so that it grows there
3 [uncountable] informal especially British English hard work:
Our success has been due to sheer hard graft.
4 [uncountable] especially American English the practice of obtaining money or advantage by the dishonest use of influence or power:
He promised to end graft in public life.

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