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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraftgraft1 /ɡrɑːft $ ɡræft/ noun  1 [countable]MH a piece of healthy skin or bone taken from someone’s body and put in or on another part of their body that has been damaged Martha had to have several skin grafts.2 [countable]DLGTA a piece cut from one plant and tied to or put inside a cut in another, so that it grows there3 [uncountable] especially British English informalWORK HARD hard work Our success has been due to sheer hard graft.4 [uncountable] especially American EnglishDISHONEST the practice of obtaining money or advantage by the dishonest use of influence or power He promised to end graft in public life.
Examples from the Corpus
graftAbout 40 percent of her diseased liver was removed and replaced with a graft from a healthy liver.In Springfield you could tell real fast which men were there for girls, games, and graft.People once accepted government greed and graft with a shrug of resignation.Murders, theft, rape, calumnies, graft - our daily bread.Stevens was in court yesterday facing charges of graft and tax evasion.A major investigation is underway to root out graft there, he said.A major investigation is under way to root out graft there, they said.I've got gravel wounds in my back and my leg hurts where they took a skin graft.About 30 % of such grafts fail in two to five years and 50 % within 10 years.skin graftsJay Burns has undergone 18 skin grafts since the horrible accident three years ago, an accident that nearly destroyed his life.hard graftHorses are not stupid and will soon grasp how to avoid hard graft!All you need is £8,000 and about two months hard graft, as one Clwyd farmer found out.A mere £8,000, plus two months of hard graft.It's hard graft getting it out of her.The bomb and the bullet of course provide more dramatic reportage than hard graft, the golf club and fishing rod.You're standing hunched up with the dull awareness of the hard graft.The hard graft may be persuading him or her to do the job.