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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishheliotropehe‧li‧o‧trope /ˈhiːliətrəʊp, ˈhe- $ ˈhiːliətroʊp/ noun  [countable]DLGHBP a garden plant with nice-smelling pale purple flowers
Examples from the Corpus
heliotropeAt the same time, a drought affected the area, and heliotrope had time to grow and go to seed.Beyond her kitchen window, crocuses sprouted up from the grass, bright as doubloons, orange and heliotrope.A huge fire was burning, and beside it sat Aunt Emily, dressed in heliotrope and a number of shawls.One of my favourites for growing in containers on a patio or terrace is the heliotrope used for bedding.The wheat was collected with heliotrope, ground, and made into bread.