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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlily of the valleyˌlily of the ˈvalley noun [countable]  HBPDLGa plant with several small white bell-shaped flowers
Examples from the Corpus
lily of the valleyPlant bulbs like white hyacinth, lily of the valley and white tulips to boost next year's display.I love the smell of those yellow winter blooms - just like lily of the valley.She was delighted when Louis called her his little snowflake, his little flower, little lily of the valley.All the typical woodland flowers can be found here in abundance, including serene displays of lily of the valley.The fragrance of lily of the valley from the milk bath one of my women friends has given me fills the air.Facing page: As well as pressing lily of the valley flowers individually, you can also press them in small sprays.