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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishloplop /lɒp $ lɑːp/ (also lop off) verb (lopped, lopping) [transitive]  1 DLGCUTto cut something, especially branches from a tree, usually with a single strong movement syn chop, chop off Workmen have lopped off more branches in an effort to save the tree.2 to reduce an amount, especially of money, by a particular amount They lopped £16 off the price.lop something from something Citicorp plans to lop $1.5 billion a year from its operating costs.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
lopIn 1995, he lopped 1. 5 seconds off his 100 butterfly.The building society has a discount which lops 2.36 per cent off its variable mortgage rate during the first year.The cost-cutting efforts lopped $ 200 million from annual operating expenses.A cull of 1,000 middle managers should lop a further £225m off costs.Hrudey was a casualty of a team in dire financial trouble that wanted to lop off its higher-priced and older players.I see developing trees with only two main growth arteries where one has been lopped off, leaving an odd-looking lopsided thing.Kanishka's head and torso were lopped off long ago.It lopped points off the government's rating in the opinion polls.