Date: 1200-1300
Origin: Probably from a Scandinavian language


1 noun
muck1 [uncountable] informal
1 dirt, mud, or another sticky substance that makes something dirty:
Come on, let's wipe that muck off your face.
2 British EnglishTADLG waste matter from animals, sometimes put on land to make plants grow better [= manure]:
special machinery for spreading muck onto the fields
dog muck
3 British English something that is unpleasant or of very bad quality:
How can you eat that muck? It looks disgusting.
I'm not surprised she left. He treated her like muck (=very badly).

make a muck of something

British English informal to do something very badly and make a lot of mistakes [= muck up]:
I really made a muck of the exam.

as common as muck

British English informal very common or of a low social class

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