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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpackpack1 /pΓ¦k/ ●●● S2 W3 verb πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 clothes [intransitive, transitive] (also pack up)DPUT to put things into cases, bags etc ready for a trip somewhere πŸ”Š I forgot to pack my razor. πŸ”Š Have you finished packing yet?pack your things/belongings πŸ”Š Kelly packed her things before breakfast.pack a bag/case πŸ”Š You’d better pack your bags. We’re leaving in an hour.pack somebody something πŸ”Š Shall I pack us a picnic?2 goods [transitive] (also pack up) to put something into a box or other container, so that it can be moved, sold, or storedpack something in/into something πŸ”Š Now wild mushrooms are available all year, packed in handy 25 g boxes.3 crowd [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive]FULL to go in large numbers into a space, or to make people or animals do this, until the space is too fullpack into/in/onto πŸ”Š Fifty thousand fans packed into the stadium. πŸ”Š The sheep had been packed into a truck and transported without food or water.4 protect something [transitive]PROTECT to cover or fill an object with soft material so that it does not get damagedpack in/with πŸ”Š Glass must be packed in several layers of paper.5 snow/soil etcDLGPRESS to press snow, soil, sand etc down so that it becomes hard and firmpack something down πŸ”Š Pack the soil down firmly.6 β†’ pack your bags7 β†’ pack a gun8 β†’ pack a (hard/hefty/strong etc) punch β†’ send somebody packing at send(11) β†’ pack something ↔ away β†’ pack in β†’ pack somebody/something off β†’ pack upβ†’ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
packβ€’ Brent had to pack a suitcase and get to the airport in under an hour.β€’ He could pack a union hall, as no one in the seventies was supposed to be able to do.β€’ We packed all our books into boxes.β€’ How could people pack and prepare a lifetime's possessions, even with six days' notice?β€’ Why do you always pack at the last minute?β€’ a meat packing factoryβ€’ Tourists in North Carolina packed ferries to flee the Outer Banks.β€’ She packed her suitcase and set off for the airport.β€’ The robber had packed himself into a carton and had himself delivered to the post office.β€’ The tuna is packed in oil.β€’ Disappointment turned to disbelief among the 18,000 crowd packed into Edgbaston when they were told they would not get a refund.β€’ More than 50,000 fans packed into the stadium.β€’ Can you pack the kids' lunches?β€’ Pack the knee with ice to reduce swelling.β€’ Did you remember to pack the suntan lotion?β€’ Saturday afternoon I realized I had packed the wrong stuff.β€’ There is a massive file cabinet stuffed with documents so old and densely packed they may be ready to ignite spontaneously.β€’ On each of the six nights the auditorium was packed to capacity with a seating of 1,500.β€’ He arrives for class with a tiny knapsack packed with his crayons, lunch box and a diaper.β€’ We're going to Greece tomorrow, and I haven't started packing yet!β€’ Don't forget to pack your swimming suit.pack a bag/caseβ€’ You could get what you need - pack a case.β€’ Why don't you pack a bag and go to Cromlech?β€’ He was here only parts of three days before packing a bag and leaving.β€’ She packed a bag, and made a reservation on the last flight out of Los Angeles.β€’ As she quickly packed a bag before preparing dinner, it suddenly struck her what a risk she was taking.β€’ They had stopped off at home and packed a case for her and then they had stayed to help her settle in.β€’ She packed a bag, looked at the phone, checked her watch.β€’ If she went home and packed a bag, she could be in New York tomorrow.pack into/in/ontoβ€’ In San Jose, about 8,000 people packed into a few downtown blocks, overturning cars and smashing windows.β€’ Men, women, and children packed into dark rooms that stank like a stable.β€’ Butter I.. The pound-block of butter is often less expensive than butter packed in four-ounce sticks. 2.β€’ Unfortunately they carried no ammunition and all guns were still packed in grease.β€’ Wash them before packing into plastic bags or containers.β€’ Enough material was packed into the curriculum to last two or three years.β€’ All items pack into the custom fitted carry case for ease and safety of transport.β€’ We used to get them for one penny the pack in the navy.pack in/withβ€’ The coins are presented in a protective acrylic display pack with ah and some slip cover.β€’ This wicker hamper is packed with delicious goodies and costs Β£64.92, inclusive of nationwide delivery.β€’ Internet sites are packed with eager sellers.β€’ He arrives for class with a tiny knapsack packed with his crayons, lunch box and a diaper.β€’ They turn to it because it is packed with promise.β€’ These regional hubs will be packed with server computers that store the most frequently accessed data on the Internet.β€’ It's packed with useful information.β€’ It was packed with women, young and old, and with children.