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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplanterplant‧er /ˈplɑːntə $ ˈplæntər/ noun [countable]  1 DLGan attractive, usually large, container for growing plants in2 BOTAsomeone who owns or is in charge of a plantation a tea planter3 TAa machine used for planting
Examples from the Corpus
planterMade from rattan, the range comprises a two-seater sofa, chair, footstool, coffee table, side table and planter.The church planter needs to know he is called.In 1641, the Gaels rebelled again, this time against their most immediate oppressors, the Protestant planters.a rice planterAnd teachers are the planters of seed.The planter rested on thick beige carpeting that helped deaden the bone-shaking noise of aircraft launching and recovery operations.To inspire loyalty, the relenting deputy governor parceled out land to planters.Married to the son of a wealthy planter from Santo Domingo.But let not these requests from a young planter discourage you, my dear cousin.