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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishplotplot1 /plɒt $ plɑːt/ ●●○ W3 noun [countable]  1 planPLAN a secret plan by a group of people to do something harmful or illegalplot to do something a plot to bomb the UN headquartersplot against a plot against the king The court heard how she and her lover hatched a plot (=planned a plot) to kill her husband. The plot to overthrow the military government was foiled (=prevented from being successful). an assassination plotsee thesaurus at plan2 story/filmALSTORY the events that form the main story of a book, film, or play The plot was a little confusing. We discover that Jack isn’t as innocent as he seems, as the plot unfolds (=gradually becomes clearer).3 the plot thickens4 piece of land a) LAND/GROUNDa small piece of land for building or growing things on a two-acre plot of land a vegetable plot b) MXa piece of land that a particular family owns in a cemetery, in which members of the family are buried when they die a burial plot5 drawing American EnglishAA a drawing that shows the plan of a building at ground level syn ground plan lose the plot at lose(14)COLLOCATIONSverbsbe involved in a plotHe was involved in a plot to kidnap the pope.mastermind a plot (=organize it)He is accused of masterminding a plot to bring down the government.uncover/discover a plotThey didn’t suspect that their plot had been uncovered.foil a plot (=prevent it from being successful)The plot was foiled when he was stopped by US Customs agents.hatch a plot (=make one)They have admitted hatching a plot to kill the president.NOUN + plota murder plotHe was questioned about an attempted murder plot.an assassination plotThe assassination plot to kill General de Gaulle was unsuccessful.a terrorist plotPolice foiled a terrorist plot to attack a nuclear reactor.phrasesthe victim of a plotHe was the victim of a plot by his political opponents.be part of a plotThese accusations are part of a plot to discredit him.
Examples from the Corpus
plotJeffrey's family and supporters suspected it to be a plot hatched by Captain Lake and his friends.Janis was suspected of masterminding a plot against US airlines in East Asia.The book doesn't have much of a plot, but it's characters are fantastic.a plot to assassinate the President.a family plotHe is the first person to be buried in this family plot, which he has bought.The harbor; suddenly, was a coastal graveyard, one headstone overturning, and one plot coming undone.Although the plot failed, the reaction it engendered is significant.But then the plot began to thicken.The plot was boring, but the special effects were good.The plot was quickly discovered, and five men were arrested.The plot was so complicated that I was totally confused by the time I was two chapters in.The second is currently being tendered, and the bids are to be invited soon for the third plot.plot to do somethingThe money will be used to top up its land bank crucial to future house building plans from 15,000 plots to 20,000.The bomber in Vallejo, police said, was part of a plot to disrupt the criminal justice system there.Samper has claimed those accusations were a plot to remove him from power because he has tried to help the poor.A plot to bury global warming?Jurors ruled that Nichols plotted to blow up the building.She's refuting claims that she thinks the famous topless photos were a Palace plot to discredit the Duchess.If you have sufficient plots to sell, you can afford to pay for upkeep on the rest of the place.Three weird sisters, three other witches and three murderers figure in the plot to provide on-stage movement.plot unfoldsThe plot unfolds engagingly, with some very entertaining video segments.plot of landCan you double the number of homes on a plot of land without making the residents claustrophobic or the neighbors ballistic?During the two world wars the growing of potatoes in every available plot of land was actively encouraged.Individual families could farm plots of land leased from the state and sell any surpluses in local markets.Every family will be housed and have an individual plot of land.You are buying a house precisely because it comes with a large plot of land.Dryden spent his £13,000 redundancy money on the plot of land where he illegally built the bungalow.Narou Chaibou, who lives near Illela, can not feed his family with the plot of land he owns.