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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrakerake1 /reΙͺk/ noun πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 garden_rake.jpg [countable]DLG a gardening tool with a row of metal teeth at the end of a long handle, used for making soil level, gathering up dead leaves etc πŸ”Š a garden rake2 [countable] old-fashionedSYDFD a man who has many sexual relationships, drinks too much alcohol etc3 [singular]CF the angle of a slope πŸ”Š the rake of the stage
Examples from the Corpus
rakeβ€’ Did he think that would work if she got him gloves and a rake and shovel?β€’ Unfortunately I sometimes think some one left a rake lying across a lot of them.β€’ She went through the house door leading into the garage, seized a rake and plunged into the cold wind.β€’ The hoes and rakes are still there, leaning against the wall, useless.β€’ And on a car of this class the steering column ought to adjust for rake as well as reach.β€’ The cinema was built on a hill, giving a natural rake to the auditorium seating.β€’ Are they coming to mow the lawn or to liberate the hostages with rakes, clippers and blowers?