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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishscionsci‧on /ˈsaɪən/ noun [countable]  literarySSF a young member of a famous or important familyscion of a scion of an ancient Scottish family
Examples from the Corpus
scionAs a scion of the haute bourgeoisie, he wasn't allowed to have higher education.Prepare a scion from a one-year-old shoot, similar in diameter to the rootstock.Bench grafting Cuttings of both rootstocks and scion are taken in autumn and stored until mid or late winter.All grafting techniques depend on preparing matching surfaces at the ends of stock and scion so that they quickly fuse.I made a note to myself to come back in early spring to get scions for grafting.He was then a figure in Boise society, scion of Thomas Oglethorpe Tucker, the lumber and tinned-trout impresario.He was the scion of a noble and highly educated family, and correspondent of Gregory the Great.scion ofBaker is the scion of one of Houston's most distinguished families.