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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsecateurssec‧a‧teurs /ˈsekətɜːz $ ˌsekəˈtɜːrz/ noun [plural] British English  DLGstrong scissors used for cutting plant stems a pair of secateurs
Examples from the Corpus
secateursMost people carry secateurs and prune the heads off other people with flicks of the wrists and cracks of the brains.On the whole, good secateurs are safer and cleaner for your roses, as well as yourself.There was a pair of heavy secateurs in a spare wheelbarrow.And M was stabbing at the table top with her secateurs and I could see she was white with rage.A pair of secateurs might also be useful.Less expensive, but very good and popular among amateur ranks, is the range of secateurs produced by Wilkinson Sword.For a long time the professionals had a preference for a pruning knife over secateurs.Took my own secateurs, of course.pair of secateursA pair of secateurs might also be useful.