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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishsprinklersprin‧kler /ˈsprɪŋklə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  1 sprinkler.jpg DLGa piece of equipment used for scattering water on grass or soil2 FIRETBa piece of equipment on a ceiling that scatters water if there is a fire
Examples from the Corpus
sprinklerIan Durrant told me that later that the ball had bounced off a sprinkler head.As a householder you should pay particular attention to outdoor threaded bib-taps which are usually used for garden hoses and sprinklers.Because sprinklers can wet the drive does not prove that they did wet the drive.Access is very restricted to personnel and most systems are heavily protected by sprinklers.Women came out of their houses to turn on lawn sprinklers, soaking the marchers as they walked by.To return to the analogy of the lawn sprinkler and the rainstorm, both can explain how the driveway got wet.That is supposed to be the sprinkler system for wetting down the dust.Late in the second day, they passed miles and miles of spinach fields watered with sprinklers.