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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtopiaryto‧pi‧a‧ry /ˈtəʊpiəri $ ˈtoʊpieri/ noun [uncountable]  DLGtrees and bushes cut into the shapes of birds, animals etc, or the art of cutting them in this way
Examples from the Corpus
topiaryFormal designs of water and topiary studded with exotics like citrus trees and agaves were once commonplace with anyone who was anyone.Though snow-covered topiary looks fantastical, heavy snow should be removed with a rake or broom.Showy hibiscus hybrids and elegant topiary bore my green-fingered crew.A fully formed topiary can require, at the very least, five years of artful and frequent pruning.Rosemary Verey, creator of Barnsley House in the Cotswolds outlined how to turn his looming hemlocks into topiary.Genga, who has grown attached to the topiary she tends.He often uses topiary as a focal point, or flanks a pathway with a matching pair.Even in winter, topiary demands attention.