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traintrain2 ●●● S1 W2 verb  1 teach somebody [intransitive, transitive]SETTEACH to teach someone the skills of a particular job or activity, or to be taught these skillstrainingtrain somebody in something All staff will be trained in customer service skills.train to do something She’s training to be a doctor.train somebody to do something Employees are trained to deal with emergency situations.train as Nadia trained as a singer. a highly trained workforce Trained staff will be available to deal with your queries.see thesaurus at learn, teach2 teach an animal [transitive]TEACH to teach an animal to do something or to behave correctly a well-trained puppytrain something to do something These dogs are trained to detect drugs.3 prepare for sport [intransitive, transitive]DSEXERCISE to prepare for a sports event or tell someone how to prepare for it, especially by exercisingtrainingtrain for Brenda spends two hours a day training for the marathon.see thesaurus at practise4 aim something [transitive]SHOOT to aim something such as a gun or camera at someone or somethingtrain something on/at somebody/something She trained her binoculars on the bird.5 develop something [transitive] to develop and improve a natural ability or quality You can train your mind to relax. To the trained eye the difference between these flowers is obvious (=the difference is clear to someone who has developed skills to notice something).6 plant [transitive]DLG to make a plant grow in a particular direction by bending, cutting, or tying it→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
trainHamilton trains and sells horses.Chris trained at an airbase in Honduras.I'm not as fit as I should be. I don't train enough.Melanie trained for a career in music, but switched to photography in her early thirties.The troops had been training for an important role in the battle.We want to encourage people who left school early to train for better jobs.Tyson is training for the big fight next week.She's been training for the marathon for six months.These teams will be trained in direction and how to participate in problem solving.The team is currently training in Hampshire.In the winter months, she trains in Montana.If you're really going to run in the marathon, you need to start training now.We train people in skills such as typing and business administration.A lot of employers don't train their staff properly.Julie is training to be a nurse.Her husband trained to be an auto mechanic, but he can't find a job.Mr Gorman recently trained to become a chiropractor.The dog was trained to detect illegal drugs.All employees will be trained to use the new computer system.The staff must be trained to use the software correctly.We train twice a week at the local gym.train somebody in somethingThe report could only be understood by someone who is trained in chemistry.train something to do somethingThe dogs have been trained to attack intruders.train forI started training for this race in September.trained eyeAn alert mind and trained eye give astute evaluations.The badge was coded to reveal to the trained eye just how much clearance the owner had.His actions were deliberate, his trained eye looking for any bugs that might be hidden in the room.In fact, tuition and advice are available in a multitude of sports under the trained eye of friendly, experienced coaches.For only a moment, hardly discernable, except to a trained eye, the old Dimitri Volkov had shown himself.