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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishweedyweed‧y /ˈwiːdi/ adjective informal  1 DLGfull of unwanted wild plants2 British EnglishWEAK physically weak or having a weak character
Examples from the Corpus
weedyMouse got his nickname because he was small and weedy.Both of them were easy victims: where she was slow and tongue-tied, he was short and physically weedy.Her weedy children would scamper up to practice karate in the clearing of his property.I went back and pulled into the weedy drive.Little weedy feller, looks as though he's only got one in him and that one's holding him together.a weedy lawnAt dawn, on a weedy Michigan lake, ten thousand mallards fidget.Away to the left, axes and saws were at work, weedy saplings falling.Yet, human-made industry is a weedy thing that threatens to overcome the natural sphere that ultimately supports it.What concerns them is the risk that engineered plants might acquire weedy traits and escape from cultivation.a weedy young man