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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwisteriawis‧te‧ri‧a /wɪˈstɪəriə $ -ˈstɪr-/ noun [countable, uncountable]  HBPDLGa climbing plant with purple or white flowers
Examples from the Corpus
wisteriaPeople passing in the street would hear his voice booming through the big wisteria -hung window that looked down the hill.The lovely south-facing Victorian conservatory with its wisteria and fig tree is ideal for quiet relaxation.Serpentine layering Climbers such as clematis, jasmine, wisteria and honeysuckle root wherever their long pliable stems touch the soil.Even the magnificent wisteria covering the west front of the hotel is around 150 years old.No wisteria cooing like fat blue pigeons from the eaves, no azure sea, no pretty boats bobbing on gentle waves.The men took cigars and brandy outside in the garden, under the awning of wisteria that enveloped the terrace.Prune lateral shoots of wisteria if not done already, by cutting back to four or five leaves from the main stems.I took stock of the bees in the wisteria and the cat stretching itself under the table.