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boostboost2 ●●○ noun  1 [singular]HELP something that gives someone more confidence, or that helps something increase, improve, or become successfulboost to a major boost to the economyboost for a multimillion-pound boost for the British film industry Add a little more vanilla, to give the flavor a boost.get/receive a boost The community will get a boost from a new library and recreation center.morale/ego boost The poll provided a morale boost for the Conservatives.2 give somebody a boost (up)3 [uncountable]TPETPG an increase in the amount of power available to a rocket, piece of electrical equipment etc
Examples from the Corpus
boostSome women may need an extra boost from vitamins.I thought the Menard motors were running with 55 inches of boost.The Commerce Department said incomes grew by 0.6 percent, while spending got a 0.7 percent boost.Bush got a significant boost in the final days before the recess from two votes in the House of Representatives.Breathtaking planetary aspects and movements will give your confidence and personal affairs a tremendous boost.get/receive a boostHigh note: A scanner appeal has hit a high note after receiving a boost from Cleveland police.Earlier in the day, bonds received a boost as the central bank said it would buy government bonds outright.The Clippers got a boost early from the return of Brian Williams, who missed four games with a strained left arch.He recently got a boost when Mr Mubarak replaced a rival, Salah Halabi, as army chief of staff.Financial-services shares got a boost after J. P. Morgan.