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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbutanebu‧tane /ˈbjuːteɪn/ noun [uncountable]  TPGa gas stored in liquid form, used for cooking and heating
Examples from the Corpus
butaneIts two core components, methanol and butane, are processed from natural gas.This concept was soon invoked, when the Gaz Fountain was hit near Halul with a cargo of propane and butane.Basic butane picnic stoves are a perfectly safe, reliable and inexpensive choice for mild weather trips.For example, it is possible to string together the four carbons of butane in two different ways.The new fridge uses a mix of butane and propane gases as coolants.So for cold weather use look for a mixture of butane and propane.Read in studio A fourteen year old boy who was in council care has died after sniffing butane gas.Avoid stoves which use butane, which won't burn at temperatures below around 4°C.