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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflueflue /fluː/ noun [countable]  TPGa metal pipe or tube that lets smoke or heat from a fire out of a building
Examples from the Corpus
flueHowever, the newer systems can be installed anywhere you can get a flue to the outside wall.To roast birds, hang them from chimney by attaching them to a flue or a horizontal rod.a chimney flueOil furnaces need a metal flue, but are also easily installed.You may prefer central heating, and more controllable ventilation than permanently open flue.If I close down the flue up the chimney, then less of the heat escapes up and out.Once you are satisfied that the flue is in a usable condition, you can turn your attention to the fireplace itself.It's thought the flue may have become blocked.Take this surface up until it links with the flue back Further details of specialist cements and mortars from, .