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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgaslightgas‧light /ˈɡæs-laɪt/ noun  1 [uncountable]TPG the light produced from burning gas2 [countable] (also gas lamp)TPG a lamp in a house or on the street which gives light from burning gas
Examples from the Corpus
gaslightThere was no gaslight in the apartments; only kerosene lamps glowed in the windows.The age of gaslight, I think you called it.It dates back to 1863, to a Victorian London of slums, of gaslight, of the powerless and the poor.He raked his fingers through fur the color of weak tea, brown, red, golden tint of gaslight.The shadows are like black pits and the gaslight is too bright.His bearded face was monstrous in the gaslight.The gaslights flickered softly, and as the time passed the surroundings no longer seemed faded and threadbare but rich and sumptuous.An advocate of progress in all forms, Wilson was the first in his area to illuminate his premises with gaslight.